JavaScript is coming

Although JavaScript = I hate, I think it’s the only way to go to get good opportunities. Desktop applications are not having a good time. The platform war is producing a spectacular rising of JavaScript. I will take the suggestion of Glenn Block seriously. I know he is right. And many others are, but I’m sometimes like a mule. I always try invest my time in things that are good, elegant and have a promising future. JavaScript is rather ugly, but it is the last trend… because web is everywhere. Web applications are accessible and (theoretically) multiplatform so,


2 pensamientos en “JavaScript is coming


    • Lo sé, lo sé!!! veo al entrenador de Pokémon Stadium diciendo “ohhh, ha caído!”.

      Mierda de modernos que se ponen a programar en lenguajes de programación chorras. Ahora todo el mundo quiere JavaScript en su vida. Por mí como si se muere! Pero veo que tendré que darle candela, aunque sea para batir a propios y extraños en su propio terreno, jajaja. (risa maléfica).


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