Can Software Developers Meet the Need?

Ken Schwaber's Blog: Telling It Like It Is

Marc Andreessen provided some insights into the importance of software and the software profession’s ability to meet the need at “Why Software Is Eating The World” ,

Scrum facilitates control through frequent, regular inspection and adaptation of transparent software functionality. Transparency means the software is ready. It can either be immediately deployed or built upon without regression. It has no technical debt. Transparency mandates modern engineering practices and tools, and application of enlightened value-driven management.

I’ve found that most software developers do not have these skills. For example, the concept of building code from requirements and specifications that are then used as tests is incomprehensible to many.

Our  shortcomings were surprising to me. When I rolled out Scrum, I thought that the excellent developers that had been stifled by waterfall processes would emerge, and we would again do great work and build great software. Much to my surprise…

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